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RB2 Network

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  CANDY GIRL by A-move & Velvet (515Kb)   clicks: 6002
1st place at Evoke '98
Style: Slow Funk, Electric Rock
  CASHBACK by jakim & corny (2078Kb)   clicks: 1530
3rd place at Riverwash 2016
Style: Groove Dance, Demoscene-style
  CHANGE OF MOOD by LAV / SandS (2188Kb)   clicks: 5420
2nd place at Chaos Construction '99
Style: Melodic Ragtime, Groove Pop
  CLEAN, SHAVEN by Jakim & Corny (2028Kb)   clicks: 1137
3rd place at Riverwash 2017
Style: Groove Break beat
  CLEANSING by Jakim (2033Kb)   clicks: 1495
3rd place at Chaos Constructions 2016
Style: Groove Disco, Funk
  CLOCKWORK ORANGEADE by Jakim & Corny (2065Kb)   clicks: 1294
12th place at Revision 2017
Style: Electric Funk
  COMEBACK by Darkman007 / Quite (1782Kb)   clicks: 1227
3rd place at Chaos Constructions 2017
Style: Demoscene-style, Light Rock
  COMMENCE/COLLAPSE (EXE) by Gargaj / Conspiracy (17Kb)   clicks: 2640
1st place at Breakpoint 2010
Style: Synth Trance, Break beat
  COMPUTERS ARE GAY (EXE) by Virgill (21Kb)   clicks: 1909
1st place at Nordlicht 2014
Style: Electronic, Dance
  COOL SUMMERTIME by D.T. (296Kb)   clicks: 5274
18th place at Music Contest 6 (intermediate) '98
Style: Synth Easy listening, Soft Trip-hop
  COULD BE COOL by LMan / Censor (6Kb)   clicks: 1028
2nd place at Revision 2018
Style: Old School Demoscene-style
  CRAZY, SEX, COOL by Virgill (385Kb)   clicks: 1131
4th place at The Party 1995
Style: Light Jazz
  CREAMPIE by Dascon & Juice (627Kb)   clicks: 1125
2nd place at Revision 2018
Style: Break beat
  CRUNCHING THE DECRUNCH by Drakon (31Kb)   clicks: 1191
3rd place at Decrunch 2017
Style: Old School Demoscene-style
  CURRYQUEEN by Skyrunner / Brain Control  (1994Kb)   clicks: 1556
2nd place at Revision 2016
Style: Ethnic
  Total works: 15

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