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  A CALL TO TRIAL by Amgorb (780Kb)   clicks: 6286
7th place at Sound Storm 98 (traditional music compo)
Style: Atmospheric Rock, Light Industrial
  A DREAM OF FISH by AceMan (27Kb)   clicks: 987
3rd place at Revision 2018
Style: Break beat, Demoscene-style
  A LITTLE CYBERFUNK by Jazzcat / Ghostown (18Kb)   clicks: 1831
3rd place at Revision 2015
Style: Old School Demoscene-style, Light Funk
  A MIND EXPERIMENT by Punqtured / Fnuque (29Kb)   clicks: 1936
2nd place at Nordlicht 2013
Style: Synth Orchestral
  A SONG ABOUT LOVE by AceMan / Dreamweb (524Kb)   clicks: 1070
2nd place at Riverwash 2017
Style: Old School Demoscene-style
  AL-BAHAR AL-AHMAR by Gspot (320Kb)   clicks: 6990
2nd place at Assembly '2001
Style: Electric Trip-hop, Ethnic
  ALL MY ITCH GO AAAAAAAAHHHH by Serpent Buzzer DJ Joge / Brainstorm (272Kb)   clicks: 1538
3rd place at Assembly 2015
Style: Old School Demoscene-style, Synth Pop
  ALL THOSE MOMENTS by AceMan (1956Kb)   clicks: 676
6th place at Xenium 2019
Style: Acid Jazz, Trip-hop
  ALONE by Mick Rippon (367Kb)   clicks: 6003
19th place at Music Contest 5 (veteran) '97
Style: Instrumental Trip-hop, Psychedelic Rock
  ANDROMEDA ANASTASYS by Cj Splinter (10Kb)   clicks: 850
1st place at Демодуляция
Style: Demoscene-style
  ANTICIPATION by g00ber (544Kb)   clicks: 8227
1st place at The Gathering '99
Style: Psychedelic Trance, Synth Pop
  ATLANTIS REQUIEM by Fast Shadow / SandS (1839Kb)   clicks: 5551
8th place at Bytefall '99 (traditional music compo)
Style: Classic Orchestral, Atmospheric Ambient
  AUTOPILOT by Phantom Lord / Accept Corp. (2917Kb)   clicks: 1239
2nd place at Chaos Constructions 2016
Style: Techno
  Total works: 13

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