Plasticator helps you to create a three-dimensional animation clips (called demo or intro), performed in real-time. The Plasticator engine can be used for an interactive presentations and computer games as well.

The Main features:

Small size.

DirectX 9.

WYSIWYG editing of any parameter (even texture).

Open source code (easy to add the necessary functions).

The program is free for nonprofit use.


Welcome to the demoscene!

Concept and interface: f0x (Alexander Kuharenko), Lost Soul (Irina Durova).

Code: f0x, Shimara (Olga Ushakova), San (Alexander Golubev).

Download the latest release (2.4 RC4)

Synthesized World 2 promo demo


64 kb intro

Synthesized World 2 musicdisk

The War is Over

64 kb intro


64 kb intro

Form Factor

64 kb intro

Another Watch

64 kb intro


64 kb intro

DEMOS made using plasticator:




D + mouse wheel

Ctrl + cursor keys

Ctrl + mouse move

Ctrl + mouse wheel

Ctrl + right mouse click

show axis and hidden objects

wireframe view

rotate camera on its axis

move camera

rotate camera

zoom in or zoom out camera

camera menu (save, copy, etc.)