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22 октября 2002г.
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А вот и текст песни:

Look at this nerd, isn't he neat?
Wouldn't you think his complexion's complete?
Wouldn't you think he's the nerd
The nerd who has everything?

Look at his place, listings unfold
How many effects can one demo hold?
Looking around here, you'd think
Sure, he's got everything

He's got scrollers and plasma a-plenty
He's got vectors and texture galore
You want 3D-scrollers?
He's got twenty
But who cares? No big deal. He wants more...

He wanna be where the sceners are
He wanna see, wanna see 'em votin'
Coding a lot in that
Whaddya call it? Oh, "C"

Flippin' his bits, I don't get too far
Sleep is required for demo making (, ha!)
Drinking a lot of that...
What's that word again? Coke
Inside they code
Inside there's fun
Inside they stay away from the SUN
Demos are free, wish I could be
Part of THAT world

What if I wrote - if I could code -
one of these demos?
What would they say to spend a day
coding with me?

Betcha they would not understand
Bet they don't comprehend a woman
I like coding, fond of voting
I want to play...

I'm ready to do what the coders do
Startup compiling, get demos running
What's a logo, and how does it
What's the word?... burn?

When's it my turn?
Wouldn't I love?
Love to explore that core up above?
Coding in C, wish I could be
Part of THAT world.
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Дизайн и программирование: Александр Ильин aka Real/SandS     
Шеф-редактор: Антон Уткин aka Frown/Rcd     
Креатив и интерфейс: Александр Мачуговский aka Manwe/SandS